Of course what each and every CAN chooses to work on is up to them. What follows is just a menu of possibilities, but drawn from peoples' and networks' concerns over the emergencies we face including climate and ecological emergencies.

Themes[edit | edit source]

The list is not meant to be exhaustive and the topics are not meant to be seen as mutually exclusive. And of course as titles they are open to improvement. See also: Citizen Action Networks near you

Community action projects[edit | edit source]

Guerrilla gardeners planting vegetables in downtown Calgary. Attribution: Grant Neufeld

Community Action Projects (CAPs for short), is a new (November 2022) section to CASwiki with a lot of potential for development. As this section grows it's hoped it can begin to do justice to the incredible richness, diversity and innovation of Community Action Projects worldwide.

Community action project is used here to mean any project with significant and meaningful community involvement. Some may be described as "community-led", others "community focused" or "community centred".

A variety of agents may begin a community action project. For example a CAN (Citizens action network) may undertake several. The process of making a CAN can itself be described as a community action project.

An example of a CASwiki Community action project article is Cohousing, but of course CAPs articles or subsections of topic articles can be started off with just a few items of relevant information.

One world, seeing the interconnectedness[edit | edit source]

section needed: "a 'larger us' mindset" (?)

Inspiring quotes[edit | edit source]

"In giving food to other beings and species we maintain conditions for our own food security. In feeding earthworms we feed ourselves. In feeding cows, we feed the soil, and in providing food for the soil, we provide food for humans. This worldview of abundance is based on sharing and on a deep awareness of humans as members of the earth family. This awareness that in impoverishing other beings, we impoverish ourselves and in nourishing other beings, we nourish ourselves is the real basis of sustainability." Vandana Shiva

Featured video[edit | edit source]

Gaia Earth Artwork
Authors: Gaia is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram, Jun 5, 2019

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