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What communities can do[edit]

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Oct 17 - 24 Pop Up Tomorrow, 2019, Thu-Thu

Why visions matter[edit]

"Vision is the work of our imagination, a resource that every single person is born with." Future Democracy Hub

"Futures work can help stretch our imagination by considering what is desirable, what is plausible, and what should be avoided."
"As one essay in the collection argues, it is better to think about the future than not; that in itself is democratising."

Tom Symons, Nesta [1]



"Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare." Japanese proverb


News and comment[edit]



Nov 8Pop Up Tomorrow’ and a journey to 2030. A report. [2]

Declaration of Rebellion at Parliament Square 52.jpg

Oct 16 Extinction Rebellion's car-free streets showcase the possibility of a beautiful, safe and green future [3]

Oct 16 Flights of fancy: 10 ways to imagine our way out of the climate crisis [4]

Oct 15 The Sustainable Future Town of Your Imagination [5]

Oct 6 What does a flourishing regenerative future look like? [6]


TAG Climate Protest Future.jpg

Dec 5 Climate action USA: With a Green New Deal, here's what the world could look like for the next generation [7]

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Visions UK

Belgium - Camden - Denmark - Europe - Liverpool - London - New York City - Slovenia - Southwark - United States - Wales - Washington - Wiltshire

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Climate action - Community involvement - Road safety

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Citizens data initiative - Transition Network

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