Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] (listen)) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south. The country also contains more than 790 islands, principally in the archipelagos of the Hebrides and the Northern Isles. Most of the population, including the capital Edinburgh, is concentrated in the Central Belt – the plain between the Scottish Highlands and the Southern Uplands – in the Scottish Lowlands.

Scotland is divided into 32 administrative subdivisions or local authorities, known as council areas. Glasgow City is the largest council area in terms of population, with Highland being the largest in terms of area. Limited self-governing power, covering matters such as education, social services and roads and transportation, is devolved from the Scottish Government to each subdivision. Scotland is the second largest country in the United Kingdom, and accounted for 8.3% of the population in 2012.

Oban harbour, Scotland, July 2004. Attribution: Hartmut Josi Bennöhr

Scotland community action[edit | edit source]

Sustainability initiatives[edit | edit source]

Local sustainability initiatives[edit source]

Please see our Local communities in Scotland pages, where of course you can share any more information you may have about local sustainability initiatives.

Community involvement[edit | edit source]

  • Generations Working Together, "nationally recognised centre of excellence supporting the development and integration of intergenerational work across Scotland." added 15:44, 4 March 2021 (UTC)

Climate action[edit | edit source]

  • COP26 Coalition, a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK, organising for climate justice around COP26. added 17:01, 21 December 2020 (UTC)

Scottish action on climate change - Scottish Communities Climate Action Network - Climate change information from the Scottish government - Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Biodiversity[edit | edit source]

Scottish Wildlife Trust - Wikipedia: Fauna of Scotland, Nature conservation in Scotland

Community currencies activism[edit | edit source]


Community energy[edit | edit source]

Aberdeen Community Energy - Callander Community Hydro Project - Community Energy Scotland - Diturbinengwall Wind Co-op - Microgen Scotland - Spirit of Lanarkshire, wind energy co-operative.

Wikipedia: Renewable energy in Scotland, Wind power in Scotland, Gigha, Wind turbines

Cycling activism[edit | edit source]

Black Isle Bicycles - Cycling Scotland - The Bike Station, bicycle recycling and cycling promotion charity for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth - Stirling Cycle Hub

Education for sustainability[edit | edit source]

Earthship Fife: Sustainable Communities Initiatives - Eco-Schools Scotland

Food activism[edit | edit source]

Dundee Urban Orchard - Nourish Scotland - Slow Food Perth - Scottish Crofting Federation - Soil Association Scotland

Ethical consumerism[edit | edit source]

Plastic Bag Free Selkirk

Social inclusion[edit | edit source]

Fairer Scotland Scottish Government Blog - Fairer Fife

Scotland’s Outlook Scottish charities campaign to "shine a light on the scale and impact of the poverty crisis in our communities."

Sustainable transport activism[edit | edit source]

Paths for All - Transform Scotland, registered charity based in Edinburgh (charity number 041516). They campaign on issues regarding sustainable transport, encouraging improved transport policies and practice. The organisation is made up of 63 member groups, including those from the private, public and voluntary sectors. Transform Scotland works closely with their sister organisation in England and Wales, Campaign for Better Transport (CBT). - Traveline Scotland, plan any public transport journey within Scotland

Towards sustainable economies[edit | edit source]

Enough! added 13:17, 29 March 2020 (UTC)

Proposals to test basic income at the municipal level have lately (Oct 2017) gained considerable political support in Scotland. [1]

Basic Income Scotland - Citizen's Basic Income Network Scotland, charity campaigning for a Basic Income in Scotland

Trees, woodland and forest[edit | edit source]

Reforesting Scotland is a membership organisation concerned with the ecological and social regeneration of Scotland. It aims to significantly increase the forested areas of the country.

Reforesting Scotland

Trees for Life is a registered charity working to rewild the Scottish Highlands.

The Caledonian Forest once covered a large area of the Highlands of Scotland as extensive stands of majestic Scots pine, interspersed with birch, rowan, juniper and aspen trees, but is now reduced to about 2% of its former extent. Through planting native species of trees, removing non-native species and fencing seedlings to protect them from overgrazing by deer and sheep, Trees for Life aims to help the natural regeneration of the forest. Its long-term goal is to create a fully restored, healthy ecosystem, with the reintroduction of missing species of wildlife, such as the beaver, wild boar, lynx and wolf.

The vast majority of its work is carried out by volunteers. By engaging people from diverse backgrounds, it aims to achieve a powerful and educational experience that will promote the work of restoration to wider audiences and lead to increased support for the return of the forest and its species.

Trees for Life

Woodland Trust Scotland

Urban sustainability[edit | edit source]

Midsteeple Quarter
Author: Midsteeple Quarter, Jan 12, 2018

Resources[edit | edit source]

see separate article: Resources Scotland

News and comment[edit | edit source]

See separate article: Scotland news

Events[edit | edit source]


April 25 Pedal on Parliament


May 17 Warming up for the Commonwealth Games at Lang Craigs, plant a tree in the Commonwealth Grove at Lang Craigs

March 8 - 14 St Andrews Green Week

Ecovillages[edit | edit source]

Findhorn Ecovillage is an experimental architectural community project based at The Park, in Moray, Scotland, near the village of Findhorn. The project's main aim is to demonstrate a sustainable development in environmental, social, and economic terms. Work began in the early 1980s under the auspices of the Findhorn Foundation but now includes a wide diversity of organisations and activities. Numerous different ecological techniques are in use, and the project has won a variety of awards, including the UN-Habitat Best Practice Designation in 1998.

An independent study concludes that the residents have the lowest ecological footprint of any community measured so far in the industrialised world and is also half of the UK average. Although the project has attracted some controversy, the growing profile of environmental issues such as climate change has led to a degree of mainstream acceptance of its ecological ethos.

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