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Engr308 Technology and the Environment/Potential research projects

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These are research projects for Engr308 Technology and the Environment.

Potential research projects[edit]

Below are potential research projects. To claim yours after we discuss it in class:

  1. Log in
  2. Click edit on this page
  3. Put two asterisks (**) and your individual full names directly below the project you want
  4. Click save (you may want to preview it first).

Jefferson School Edible Landscape[edit]

Bayside park[edit]

Laurel Tree Charter School[edit]

Contact Becca Schuler


SCRAP Humboldt[edit]


Contact Julian Quick jaq8Atsymbol.pnghumboldt.eduDot.png{{{3}}}


  • The Potawot Swales and Stormwater treatment pond
    • {(User:USERNAME|Nathan)}

Blue ox[edit]

Practivistas Dominicana[edit]

Contact Wilfredo Mena at will.arq1Atsymbol.pnggmail.comDot.png{{{3}}}



First you select projects to follow up on with a partner and reserved them here. Then, for each of the projects you selected, you will add a new section near the bottom of the selected project pages with the heading ==Update October 2013==. There you will add words, images, data, and/or video based upon your findings. You will need to completely read and understand the projects before you visit the projects. You will then need to visit (or call for non-local) the projects, take (or ask for if non-local) pictures and/or videos, assess the projects, and briefly interview at least one stakeholder about the project (to assess how well it is still working and what has changed).

Once you are done adding all of your updates to the project pages you selected, you will need to paste the URLs of your pages onto the Moodle assignment with a brief synopsis of what you added.

Later you will be presenting your findings to the class in an 8 minute presentation (powerpoint, prezi or video).