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Our team's objective was to create the most appealing workbench possible with limited funds. The desk is currently being used to create art projects from up-cycled materials, which can easily be found at SCRAP Humboldt. The desk must be sturdy and include a large work surface to accommodate various art projects. The inclusion of up-cycled materials in the base design of the desk was mandatory for this assignment.

Background[edit | edit source]

SCRAP Humboldt, a division of SCRAP, is a non-profit organization that works with the community to reuse waste material in ways that are creative and environmentally sustainable. They are currently opening a new workshop "Maker-Space" in the Arcata area that will be used to produce up-cycled art projects for the community. These projects will range from small to very large in physical size, and having a proper place to work on them is critical. The Community Tinker Desk is a perfect solution to this dilemma.

Problem statement and criteria[edit | edit source]

The list below describes the criteria, constraints, and weights of the criterion chosen for the Community Tinker Desk.

Tinker Desk blueprint.JPG
Criteria Constraints Weights
Usability The ability to use the Community Tinker Desk in a variety of projects is critical. 10
Cost The total cost should not exceed $300. 10
Strength The final product should be sturdy and able to withstand moderate-to-heavy use. 8
Source of Materials A minimum of 75% up-cycled materials was a requirement for this project. 7
Aesthetics The final product should be appealing and integrate well with its intended environment. 7

Description of final project[edit | edit source]

The Tinker Desk is an up-cycled desk and workbench that is designed to be used as a workspace for up to six users simultaneously, while maintaining a low-cost model that is easy to reproduce. The desk is held by two vertical legs that are braced by a central piece, ensuring that the base is sturdy, while also maintaining ample room for leg movement. The benches are designed to be roll-resistant, while the stabilizing brace ensures the desk is stable for moderate-to-heavy use. Every surface of the desk has been sanded to promote splintering-free edges and prevent fabrics and other materials from getting caught and splintering the wood. The legs of the table and benches also have fitted rubber feet to sit on. This will prevent wear on the feet of the workbench and reduce scratching on the floor of the workspace. The design is handicap accessible and was measured to a height that would fit directly underneath the windowsills of the room of its intended use.

Tinker Desk poster.jpg

Costs[edit | edit source]

Quantity Material Source Cost ($) Total ($)
5 Solid Core Doors Industrial Re-Used 10.00 50.00
2 Redwood Fence Post Luders Woodworking 0.00 0.00
8 3/8"x12" Lag Bolts Garrett Hardware 1.99 15.92
1 Varnish Varathane S-G Qt. Garrett Hardware 15.34 15.34
4 1/2"X12" Lag Bolts Garrett Hardware 3.69 14.76
1 Drill Bit 1/4"X12" Garrett Hardware 12.99 12.99
1 Cobalt Drill Bit 3/16"X4" Hensel's Ace Hardware 6.29 6.29
3 Aluminum L-Bar Scrap Arcata Scrap and Salvage 2.00 6.00
1 Washer Head Screws L8 1 1/4" Box 100 Hensel's Ace Hardware 4.94 4.94
2 Foam Brush (10 Pack) Garrett Hardware 1.99 3.98
1 Titebond ll Wood Glue Luders Woodworking 2.00 2.00
1 18 Gauge 1 1/2" Brad Nails Luders Woodworking 2.00 2.00
1 Sand Paper Luders Woodworking 2.00 2.00
8 3/8" Washers Garrett Hardware 0.19 1.52
4 1/2" Washers Garrett Hardware 0.27 1.08
Total Cost $138.82

How to build[edit | edit source]

See the Community Tinker Desk build instructions at SCRAP Humboldt community tinker desk instructions.

The Planeteers[edit | edit source]

Update October 2014[edit | edit source]

The Tinker Desk is still in the SCRAP Humboldt. According to interview with the staffs, it is used during workshops to accommodate various projects. It is possible to see some marks on the surface due the works and workshops given for the community, but the tinker desk is in great condition and fulfilling its purpose. One important observation is that the project is very heavy and it is difficult to move.

Update October 2016[edit | edit source]

The Tinker Desk is no longer in the hands of SCRAP Humboldt. The new owner of the desk is Cali Cubes which Ali Lee owns. The desk continues to thrive and be used for its purpose. There are minor dents and scratches but other than that its in good condition. There is one update worth mentioning; the desk has small felt pads at the bottom of the desk in order to slide it on wood floor much easier and to not damage it either. Needless to say that the tinker desk is alive and well.

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