This is a container category. Due to its scope, it should contain only subcategories.

All books from the Book: namespace (i.e., community books) should be placed under at least one of these categories. The {{Saved book}} template automatically will place all books into the applicable Appropedia books tracking and cleanup categories. Books from the User: namespace (user books) should be placed only into the (user books) category here. When a user book is worth sharing, consider creating a community version of the book as well.

How to create new Appropedia books categories.

  • When creating a new books category, use the following style (note that "topic" is not capitalized unless it is a proper name or the beginning of the sort pipe). The {{Book}} template, used for starting a new main topic book, also will start a new Appropedia books on topic category, if needed.
[[Category:Appropedia books on topic|Topic]]
  • The new books category itself should be placed into at least one broader books category and one encyclopedia category. This will ensure the new category is properly classified for books, and it is included as a "Books" subcategory under the encyclopedia topic.
  • [[Category:Appropedia books on broader topic|Topic]] The broadest category is [[Category:Appropedia books|Topic]]
  • When adding a books category to its corresponding encyclopedia category, use the "β" pipe to sort it into the "Books" section of the subcategories list.

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