CERAMAN (manual) and CERAMATIC (motorized)[edit | edit source]

Brick and Tile Presses

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The CERAMAN manual press is one of the most widely used hand operated mechanical presses for the production of clay bricks and tiles. It is an improved version of a well-known Belgian machine developed more than 80 years ago. One of the main improvements was the automatic unlocking of the cover and automatic ejection of the compressed bricks.

The filling of the mould, pressing the two levers for compaction and removal of blocks, all take place at waist level, which is ergonomically extremely efficient and convenient. The main advantage is, however, that a large variety of moulds can be used on the same machine, to produce plain and perforated clay bricks, paving tiles and even roofing tiles to be fired in a kiln. The moulds can be changed within a few minutes.

The robust all-steel press, which is fitted with castors for mobility from site to site is available as Type S, producing bricks up to 7 cm high Type H for 9 cm blocks and Type X for 10 cm blocks.

The CERAMATIC automatic press is an all-mechanical machine with a 3-station rotating table, comprising a filling station, a moulding station and a de-moulding station. The entire cycle of pressing, ejecting and turning the table is motorized, that is, by means of an electric motor, diesel or petrol engine. The bricks are pressed at high compaction pressures through a mechanical lever system. The production rate can be determined in advance through the choice of a larger or smaller fly-wheel. Considering its production, the CERAMATIC has a very low energy consumption of 1 litre of diesel per hour or 4 kW per hour in its electrical version.

Fitted on a robust base frame with four wheels, the CERAMATIC can easily be moved from site to site. Moulds for special brick sizes are available on request.

CERAMAN Manual Press

CERAMATIC Automatic Press

Size of machine (length x width x height)

140 x 50 x 100 cm (55 x 20 x 40 in)

200 x 100 x 140 cm (80 x 40 x 55 in)

Weight of machine

370 kg

(with motor) 2040 kg

Size of crate for shipment

149 x 66 x 116 cm (59 x 26 x 46 in)

226 x 114 x 166 cm (89 x 45 x 4365 in)

Weight of packed machine

580 kg

2400 kg

Maximum product dimensions

40 x 20 x 10 cm (16 x 8 x 4 in)

29.5 x 14 x 8 cm (16 x 8 x 4 in)

Energy input/ transmission

manual /mechanical

motorized /mechanical

Nominal production capacity

300 bricks or 150 tiles / hour

1400 - 2000 bricks/ hour

Labour force required

3 - 5 workers

3 - 5 workers

Price (ex works)

Type S 59000 FB (» 1690 US0

ME (electric) 901000 FB (»25800 US0

valid June 1991

Type H 79800 FB (» 2300 US0

MD (diesel) 961000 FB (» 27500 US0

Type X 89000 FB (» 2550 US0

Spare parts kit 85000 F (» 2450 US0

FB = Belgian Francs

Moulds 9800 - 27200 FB (280 - 780 US0

Spare parts kit 6500-11400FB (190-330US0

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