The banana needs heat, humid air, plenty of water, light.

It dislikes wind.

It likes soils rich in organic matter.

It likes soils that drain quickly.

Once picked, bananas should not be left long in the plantation.

Banana plants are planted along roads, tracks, railway lines or lagoons so that the fruits can be quickly moved away.

In the world as a whole, Central and South America produce most bananas nearly 20 million tons a year. Asia produces 10.2 million tons and Africa 4.2 million tons.

In Africa, the chief producers of bananas are:


320 000 tons


280 000 tons

Ivory Coast

230 000 tons

Central African Empire

170 000 tons


140 000 tons


90 000 tons


90 000 tons

The above Figures (for 1974) are from the FAO Production yearbook 1974.

The production of plantains is often not counted.

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