Pages tagged with this notice:

are open access and not open licensed - that is, they are not available under the usual Appropedia license.

When this notice is displayed on a page it means:

  • It is believed that permission has been given to display this page, (either general permission, or specific permission to Appropedia, directly or through a related project). as open access content. However, there is no permission to release this under an open license, as far as we know.
  • No permission has been given for commercial use, unless otherwise stated. (See non-commercial clause.)
  • No derivatives may be made - if the content is shared, it must be shared in its original form.
  • Attribution is required - if sharing the content, be sure to cite the source, author and title.

Please respect the copyright - do not reuse without the permission of the rights-holder.

Copyright violations[edit | edit source]

If you are aware of a possible copyright violation (e.g. you believe permission has not been given) whether or not you are the copyright owner, please either contact us directly or leave a message at the Village Pump.

Most of the pages marked as open access come from an earlier project which merged to form what is now Appropedia, and we don't have records of permissions. We would appreciate any clarification, and will remove any content which is a copyright violation.

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