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We'd love to hear from you![edit]

The best place to leave a message is usually at Appropedia talk:Village pump, where the whole community can join the conversation.

If you prefer to email, send it to: infoAtsymbol.pngappropediaDot.pngorg

Phone: +1.707.737.4273 (or 707.737.4273 in the USA)

Mailing address[edit]

Our mailing address is in Arcata, California, 95521, USA. This is not an actual office, as the Appropedia Foundation and Appropedia community work in a distributed way, so we prefer not to show the address here. The appropriate address may be different in any case - e.g. for legal or financial matters we would ask that you send any written material to the legal advisor or treasurer within the Appropedia Foundation.

So, if you need to contact us by post, please contact us first via email (above). Thank you.