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This page is intended for members of the media. If you have a non-journalist enquiry it may be best on our Appropedia talk:Village Pump - see Appropedia:Contact us for more options.

If you are a journalist with an enquiry about Appropedia, contact us via:

  • Email: infoAtsymbol.pngappropediaDot.pngorg
  • Phone: +1.707.737.4273 (or 707.737.4273 in the USA)

If you are outside the US, we also have directors in the UK and Asia/Australia and community members around the world that we can put you in touch with.

See also our social media, including our blog, Identica, Twitter and Facebook.

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Sample pages

Personal projects and designs:
Solar Drying in Morocco
Kiva's straw bale greenhouse

Collaborative design projects:
Hexayurt Project

Research teams:
Queens Applied Sustainability Group

How tos and guides:
How to make and use a sawdust toilet
Water supply and purification for emergencies

Arcata Marsh

Simple appropriate technologies:
Rope pump

Food production topic pages:
Lazy gardening

Small industry:
Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction

Portal:Appropriate technology
Portal:Green living

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