These are the efforts of some members of the Appropedia community to serve and connect.

About us[edit source]

Did you follow this link from a social media site, wanting to learn about Appropedia?

In short, Appropedia is about Sharing Knowledge to Build Rich, Sustainable Lives. More...

Blog[edit source]

Our blog is here - blogging about what's new on the site and with our efforts, and about [knowledge sharing], collaboration, wikis, sustainability, [ICT for development and sustainability], appropriate technology and much more.

Blog entries are mostly from the directors of the Appropedia Foundation, with some guest posts, and interviews.

Facebook[edit source]

Find us at the Appropedia and click like. This is a great tool for connecting and conversations.

On the other hand, it gives us little freedom with how we use, access our information and network, and some of us are hoping there'll be a free/open source version we can migrate to one day.

Twitter[edit source]

Appropedia's Twitter account is mostly managed by Chriswaterguy and Kathy Nativi.

Please leave any comments on the talk page, or send a tweet or direct message to @appropedia. Thank you!

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