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Open access materials can be viewed for free, but generally have other restrictions - for example no commercial use, no derivations, and (in some cases) no unauthorized distribution. The degree of "openness" can be star-rated according to meeting, or not, the four key criteria: there is no barrier to access for the reader, there is no fee demanded of the author/s, the copyright is nor forfeited by the author/s, and the work can be freely distributed[1].

Thus if material is simply open access, it is not true open content and generally cannot be used on projects such as Appropedia, OLPC content bundles, or Wikipedia.

Open content on Appropedia[edit]

On Appropedia, sometimes open access materials help to fill gaps where we do not yet have adequate open content resources. These are clearly marked with the {{open access}} notice, and categorized at Category:Open access pages - these are work ported to Appropedia for which there is no clear permission to A. reuse for commercial purposes or B. modify.

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