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This is a proposed Appropedia policy. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.

Appropedia has many pages of open access content. This is content such as CD3WD or WikiGreen in which permission was granted for sharing the content to support development and/or sustainability, but where there is no permission to release this under an open license, as far as we know.

Please note that you are not free to copy or modify the content of these pages except in limited circumstances:

  • Non-commercial use, for example non-profit education programs.
  • Adding wikilinks to the text and references in a separate section at the end is assumed to be acceptable.

Please respect the copyright - do not reuse without the permission of the rights-holder except in the limited cases described.

If you find content which can be released under an open license (if you can put Appropedia in touch with the rights holders) or which should not be displayed here at all, please leave a note on the talk page.

Long term strategy[edit]

It is desirable for Appropedia to have open licensed content rather than content which is merely open access. Truly open content enables the kind of collaboration and creative,constructive work that Appropedia exists to support. While that is still growing, however, it is good to have these pages, with the approval of the rights-holders, to help provide a more complete resource on all things related to development and sustainability.

It is hoped that the subject matter of all of these pages will be covered by the open wiki pages, as Appropedia grows. As that happens, it may be appropriate to remove the open access content,

Suggesting open access pages[edit]

The Appropedia community will approve adding new open access content, where it covers subjects not thoroughly addressed in other pages, or from a new valuable perspective. The main focus of the efforts to expand content, however, are on the open edit pages under Appropedia's standard open license.