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Topic content (general information) is placed in categories. While in Wikipedia all such material must meet Wikipedia's notability criteria, the main criterion at Appropedia is: Is this potentially useful information?

Any project writeup, how-to, original content or other page should be placed in the relevant topic category or categories. The topic content may briefly summarize pages which are in the category, or describe and link to relevant projects and content on other sites, if that information is not on Appropedia.

Coursework is encouraged. The exact policy on the relationship between Appropedia and other wikis that take educational materials is being developed.

The original content is placed in a separate namespace (where pages begin with "Original:"). This is used when original work from a particular author or authors or organization is added to Appropedia, to provide the document in its original form. (This content can still be copied for use in other pages, providing attribution is given, except when a notice is displayed noting that a different license applies.)

Encyclopedic content, however should be transwikied to Wikipedia. It may occur that material is placed here initially, and over time improves in quality and gains suitable references, in which case it can then be copied or transwikied to Wikipedia.