Why are bananas grown?

The banana is not a tree, what is it?

How are the female flowers arranged?

What is the name for the fruit produced by one spike of flowers?

What is suckering?

Why do you put bamboos up against the banana plants?

Why do you wrap the bunch of bananas in plastic?

What does the banana weevil do to the banana plant?

What are the different parts of a banana plant?

How can you tell when a banana plant has mosaic disease?

When do you apply fertilizers to a banana plantation?

Read carefully what follows and reply in the words you use when speaking to a friend.

One of your friends has a banana plantation. He does not take much trouble over it. He always says that bananas look after themselves. He has heard that you have studied a course on how to grow bananas, and he comes to ask your advice, because his plantation does not produce much. What do you tell him? What do you advise him to do?

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