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The CERATILE hydraulic press is designed for the production of high quality ceramic floor tiles, roofing and ridge tiles.

It comprises two parts: the press itself and a hydraulic unit, consisting of an electric motor pump and tank, which is connected to the press via flexible hoses, so that it can be placed some distance away.

A variety of moulds can be used with the CERATILE press, and the changing of dies takes about 20 minutes. Each mould consists of three dies: 2 lower dies bolted onto a horizontal sliding table and 1 upper die, which is moved vertically with the rod of the hydraulic jack. With this double action arrangement, tile production is extremly fast, because one form can be demoulded and refilled quickly, while another tile is being pressed.

In order to prevent clay from sticking to the dies and to make demoulding easy and fast, each die is covered with a latex sheet.

Operating the CERATILE: Hydraulic Press

Flat clay pieces of slightly greater volume than the final product are prepared manually or by means of an extrusion machine, the latter being preferable on account of the high output of the CERATILE. These slabs, containing about 20 % moisture, are piled up near the 2 operators, on either side of the press.

The sliding table with the two lower dies is operated manually. A fresh slab is placed on the exposed die and then the table is pushed under the hydraulic jack with the upper die, which is now lowered to shape the tile. During this phase, the second operator places a new slab on the other lower die. After raising the upper die the table is pulled back to expose the freshly moulded tile, while the second tile moves under the upper die, where it is moulded. During this operation, a wooden pallet is placed on the first tile, which is demoulded by inverting the die. This is piled up on a drying rack and the next slab is placed on the empty die, ready for the next pressing cycle, which takes about 12 seconds. Thus, an experienced team can mould 300 tiles per hour.

Training Programme

CERATEC offers a 35 day training programme, covering all aspects of stabilized or fired brick, block and tile production.

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Hydraulic Tile Press

Size of press (length x width x height)

75 x 125 x 176 cm (30 x 49 x 69 in)

Size of hydraulic unit

38 x 69 x 89 cm (15 x 27 x 35 in)

Weight of machine

600 + 200 = 800 kg

Size of crate for shipment Press

87 x 137 x 196 cm (34 x 54 x 77 in)

Hydraulic unit

50 x 81 x 1 19 cm (20 x 32 x 47 in)

Weight of packed machine (incl.. accessories)

980 kg

Moulds available for the following products:

Floor tiles (square), double mould

20 x 20 cm

Floor tiles (hexagonal), single mould

15 cm length of each side

Roofing tiles ("Marseille" or "Mangaiore")

24.5 x 42.5 cm (requiring 17 tiles/m²)

Roofing tiles (Flemish type)

23 x 34 cm (requiring 20 tiles/m²)

Roofing tiles (Roman type)

18.5 x 41.9 cm (requiring 30 tiles/m²)

Ridge tiles (Type I, curved)

useful length 50 cm

Ridge tiles (Type II, with angle)

useful length 50 cm

Energy input/transmission

electrical 5.5 kW / hydraulic

Maximum nominal compression forœ

30 tonnes

No. of tiles per cycle/output rate

I or 2/300 or 600 tiles per hour

Labour forœ required (incl.. clay preparation and stacking)

2 - 4 men

Price (ex works)

CERATILE Hydraulic Tile Press

480 000 FB

(» 13 700 USS)

valid June 1991


Floor tiles(square)


(» 910US0

Floor tile (hexagonal)

32 000 FB

(» 910 US0

FB = Belgian Francs

Roofing tile (Marseille/Mangaiore)

41 000 FB

(» 1170 US0

Roofing tile (E:lemish)

32 000 FB

(» 910 US0

Roofing tile (Roman)

28 000 FB

(» 800 US0

Ridge tile (l or II)

39000 FB

(» 1 110 US0

Set of spare parts

48 000 FB

(» 1 370 US0

Packing, marking, FOB expenses

49 500 FB

(» 1 410 US0

Training Course (incl. full board accomodation)

240 000 FB

(» 6 860 US0

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