Daisy E. Kay revised by E. G. B. Gooding

Tropical Development and Research Institute
127 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DB
Overseas Development Administration

This report was produced by the Tropical Development and Research Institute (formed by the amalgamation of the Tropical Products Institute and the Centre for Overseas Pest Research) a British Government organization, funded by the Overseas Development Administration, which provides technical assistance to developing countries. The Institute specialises in post-harvest problems and pest and vector management.

Short extracts of material from this digest may be reproduced in any non-advertising, non-profit context provided that the source is acknowledged as follows:

Kay, D. E. (revised by Gooding, E. G. B.) (1987) Crop and Product Digest

No. 2-Root Crops, Second Edition. London: Tropical Development and Research Institute, xv & 380 pp.

Permission for commercial reproduction should, however, be sought from the Head, Publications, Publicity and Public Relations Section, Tropical Development and Research Institute, College House, Wrights Lane, London W8 5SJ, England.

First edition 1973
Price £13.50

No charge is made for single copies of this publication sent to governmental and educational establishments, research institutions and nonprofit making organizations working in countries eligible for British Aid. Free copies cannot normally be addressed to individuals by name but only under their official titles.

Tropical Development and Research Institute ISBN: 0 85954 200-9

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