1. From the charter of the United Nations University
  2. Foreword
  3. Perspectives on bioconversion of organic residues for rural communities
  4. Availability of organic residues as a rural resource
  5. Micro-organisms as tools for rural processing of organic residues
  6. Production of feed as an objective for bioconversion systems
  7. Environmental goals for microbial bioconversion in rural communities
  8. Strategies for developing small-scale fermentation processes in developing countries
  9. Production of microbial protein foods on edible substrates, food by-products, and ligno-cellulosic wastes
  10. The role of ruminants in the bioconversion of tropical byproducts and wastes into food and fuel
  11. Possible applications of enzyme technology in rural areas
  12. Indian experience with treated straw as feed
  13. Indian experience with algal ponds
  14. Organic residues in aquaculture
  15. Biogas generation: developments. Problems, and tasks - an overview
  16. Mushroom production technology for rural development
  17. The combination of algal and anaerobic waste treatment in a bioregenerative farm system
  18. A continuous composting system for disposal and utilization of animal wastes at the village level
  19. Bioconversion of fruit and vegetable wastes
  20. Integrated research on agricultural waste reclamation
  21. Solid state fermentation of starchy substrates
  22. Production of single-cell protein from cellulose
  23. Analysis of energy cost of integrated systems
  24. Analysis of bioconversion systems at the village level
  25. Nutritional evaluation of bioconversion products for farm animals
  26. Bioconversion products: toxicology - problems and potential
  27. Nutritional evaluation in humans
  28. Biomass from organic residues for animal and human feeding
  29. Appropriate biotechnology - summary remarks
  30. Other UNU Publications

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