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Original:Abstracts on Sustainable Agriculture

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Abstracts on Sustainable Agriculture (GTZ, 1992, 423 p.)[edit]

  1. (introduction...)
  2. Abstracts On Traditional Land-Use Systems
  3. Abstracts on farming systems research and development
  4. Abstracts on integrated systems
  5. Abstracts on cropping system
  6. Abstracts on agroecology
  7. Abstracts on agrometeorology
  8. Abstracts on agroforestry
  9. Abstracts on homegardens
  10. Abstracts on seed production
  11. Abstracts on plant protection
  12. Abstracts on water management
  13. Abstracts on soil fertility
  14. Abstracts on erosion and desertification control
  15. Abstracts on potential crops for marginal lands