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As an alternative to the Appropedia book creator, create a new book on the topic "Topic" using the book template, follow these steps:

1. Create a new page using [[Books:Topic]] or [[User:Username:Books/Topic]] as the title of the page (where "Topic" is the subject of your book) and enter the following text.
  • The "topic" parameter is the name of the main article to be used.
  • The "subtitle" parameter is the subtitle of the book.
  • The "category" parameter can be used if the "topic" should not be capitalized - it is not a proper noun, OR the category name is different than the topic name.
  • Up to ten supporting parameters can be specified for supporting articles. If needed, additional supporting articles can be added during editing.

Save the page.

2. Return to your book page and begin editing. Optional instructions on editing a "main article" book are below.
3. For creating a main and supporting articles style of book, include the main article and all supporting articles that are referenced as major expansions of selected sections. Supporting article links typically are included at the top of a section using templates such as {{Main}} and {{See also}}. Delete extra or add more supporting chapter headings and article links. See Help for experts for book formatting tips.
4. If a new category is to be created for the book's topic, edit the red [[Category:Appropedia books on topic|Topic]] link. Add the following categories to the "Appropedia books on topic" category page.
  • The new books category itself should be placed into at least one broader books category and one encyclopedia category. This will ensure the new category is properly classified for books, and it is included as a "Books" subcategory under the encyclopedia topic.
  • [[Category:Appropedia books on broader topic|Topic]] The broadest category is [[Category:Appropedia books|Topic]]
  • When adding a book category to its corresponding encyclopedia category, use the "β" pipe to sort it into the "Books" section of the subcategories list.

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