CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from CASwiki's Scotland community action article and is for news and comment in that context. Image: The Princes Street Gardens and some buildings - left to right, the Scott Monument, the North British Hotel, Nelson's Monument and the City Observatory on Calton Hill, two bridges (Waverley in the foreground, North in the back), rooftops of Waverley Station - in Edinburgh.
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Jan-Oct 2022[edit | edit source]

  • News A community-buyout in the South of Scotland has taken land from the Duke of Buccleuch, and pointed it towards rewilding, The Daily Alternative (Oct 17, 2022)
  • News Local Groups Celebrate Achievements In Community Land Week, Community Land Scotland (Oct 07, 2022)
  • News When Edinburgh's Canongate community resisted a crass urban development, they deployed a "working-class cosmopolitanism", The Daily Alternative (Jul 28, 2022)
  • News These Scottish villagers bought a nature reserve - now they are fundraising to double its size, (Jun 10, 2022)
  • News Protein from gorse bushes could feed millions of people, says expert, The Guardian (Jan 10, 2022)

2021[edit | edit source]

Coastal saltmarsh 'engineered' to fight climate change, Nov 11...[1]

As COP visits Scotland, some are speaking out about how the people's ownership of renewable energy could be much better, Nov 7[2]

  • News ‘Putting Down Routes’: blueprint for delivering Scottish ‘Active Freeway’ network, (Oct 07, 2021) — The New report builds upon the inclusion of Active Freeways within the Scottish Government and Scottish Greens’ shared programme for government. It provides a blueprint for developing a strategic network of Active Freeways across Scotland, and draws on UK and European experience to identify how the network can be successfully designed and implemented.

Heat in Buildings Strategy sets out the pathway for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland's homes and buildings – which currently account for about a fifth of Scotland's emissions - by more than two thirds by 2030. It will require over a million homes and the equivalent of 50,000 non-domestic buildings to convert to zero emissions heat by 2030. Oct 7[3]

Not worrying about national parties, politics or policies, North Ayrshire follows Preston in building community wealth, over this first busy year, Oct 6[4]

Vast area of Scottish Highlands to be rewilded in ambitious 30-year project, Sep 24...[5]

The Scottish Citizens Assembly has concluded - and one of its big proposals is a "House of Citizens", as a second chamber for Holyrood, Feb 8[6]

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