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Practivistas projects

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The following are selected projects from the Practivistas Program, an appropriate Technology and Spanish immersion in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We are a group of U.S. and Dominican students working together with various community members to co-create sustainable solutions. See the current Practivistas Dominicana Program for more.

Dominican Republic (2011-Current)[edit]

Chiapas, Mexico (2010)[edit]

Practivistas Chiapas 2010 Projects
HSU Chiapas improved cookstoves
Improved cookstoves at Otros Mundos and in a rural community
(en español)  
HSU Chiapas micro hydro feasibility study
Microhydro feasibility study in a few rural communities
(en español)  
HSU Chiapas Windbelt ASE
Windbelts at Otros Mundos
(en español)  
HSU Chiapas biodigester
Biodigester at a demo house in San Cristobal  
HSU Chiapas rainwater catchment
Rainwater catchment systems at a demo house and in a rural community
(en español)  

Parras de la Fuente, Mexico (2004-2008)[edit]

See Parras for more on the 2004 to 2008 projects.