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Las Malvinas pharmacy roof for catchment.


Our project consisted of creating a new rainwater catchment system located at the pharmacy in Las Malvinas. Our group made the appropriate calculations and developed an easily accessible rainwater catchment system that captures, filters, and distributes water that can be used by the local community. It is our goal that available rainwater can be captured efficiently and filtered sufficiently to be used for a variety of other purposes, thus providing the community with a cost effective solution to their water shortage, with the cost of the materials listed below.


This appropriate technology project is located in the Dominican Republic in the Las Malvinas neighborhood of Santo Domingo. The team includes 3 students from Humboldt State University and 4 students from UNIBE and is taking place in the month of June, 2014. Concurrent to the project, the Humboldt State students are taking classes at UNIBE in Santo Domingo. The classes are focused on appropriate technology and engineering and are paired with one Spanish class. The system in Las Malvinas is a new rainwater catchment system which has been developed using spare parts from the La Yuca System.


Our objective for the water project for the 2014 Practivistas Dominicana Program at the Las Malvinas pharmacy is to design a new catchment system using spare parts from previous systems and make non-potable water readily available for the community.

Literature Review[edit]

Here is the link for the information we collected to help us understand and review information that will allow us to build the appropriate rainwater catchment system in Las Malvinas for the 2014 practivistas dominicana program.


An Interactive Map for Las Malvinas.

<display_points type="hybrid" center="18.513962, -69.903600" zoom="16" width="600" height="600"> 18.513962, -69.903600|Las Malvinas



Pictures of Design[edit]

Las Malvinas Pharmacy Catchment
1. Gutter being installed on pharmacy roof.  
2. First flush being installed.  
3. Building the platform for the tinaco. We needed enough height to be able to fit a bucket under the output valve.  
4. Connecting the first flush to the tinaco.  
5. The output valve from the tinaco.  
6. Arlene attaching the finishing touches to the system. We attached instructional signs in spanish.  


The table below shows the cost table for the pharmacy's rainwater catchment system in Las Malvinas.

Material Quantity Unit Cost (DOP) Total Cost (DOP)
PVC Gutter [9 ft.] 2 1600 3200
Botellon [5 gal.] 1 195 195
Botellon PVC adapter [2] 1 31.12 31.12
Botellon PVC adapter [4] 1 60.00 60.00
Botellon PVC adapter [6] 1 80.00 80.00
Bag of nuts [25 mm.] 1 92.00 92.00
Bag of bolts [40mm.] 1 67.00 67.00
Outdoor L-brackets 3 320 960
Metal mesh for botellon [6 Yrd.] 1 48.12 48.12
Gutter connector 2 168.00 336.20
90 degree turn for gutter 1 520.10 520.10
Total Cost 5,589.54


This system needs maintenance year-round to ensure that everything works properly and stays clean, especially when taking into account cleanliness of a potable system.


  • Make sure the botellon screen is clean
  • Make sure there isn't too much debris in the gutter
  • Make sure the first flush isn't clogged and water is able to drain to avoid mosquito breeding. Our team re-poked small holes that were previously clogged in the first flush to make sure water was able to drain out of the system after rain. Make sure the holes are too big that the first flush doesn't fully fill up.


  • Clean the first flush system
  • Check for leaks
  • Make sure the roof is clean (no debris on the roof)


  • Clean the tinaco

How We[edit]

Steps to Ensure a Proper Catchment System
Using string to follow for gutter setup. Step 1 : Set up a line to follow when setting up your gutter. Make sure the gutter is at an angle so the water can flow. We used L-brackets to putter the gutter on.
Example of the U-brackets to hold the gutter. Step 2 : Secure your gutter. We used metal U-brackets to secure the gutter to the wall. We also eventually put a water shield on the far side of the gutter to ensure no water spilled over.
The gutter being directed into the botellon. Step 3 : Direct the gutter into the botellon.
The first flush system Step 4: Make sure to build a first flush system that can store the first ten minutes of catchment water, for the water will be as much as 90% cleaner after the first ten minutes.
Alberto cleaning the tinaco. Step 5 : Make sure the tinaco is nice and clean. Direct the water from the botellon into the tinaco after the first flush.
Gutter curtain. Step 6(optional) : If needed, add a curtain on gutter to ensure no overflow of water from the gutter catchment system. Make sure to use a thick plastic.

To replace filters refer to this table to find AQUA TEC

Santo Domingo de Guzman 10107
Republica Dominicana
Aqua Tec website


Here is a quick run-through of the Las Malvinas system.


Arlene Arlejo, Enrique, Alberto Jasso, Giancarlo, Jake Burns . AKA water team 2014.