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This is a page for conveying homework assignments for Practivistas Dominicana Appropriate Technology courses from May 23rd to July 4th, 2015. Assignments are due before class starts on the day denoted below.

Tentative calendar[edit]

Week 1 - May 25, 2015[edit]

1 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: US and Program introductions, Experiences in country so far, Getting around, Cultural norms, Syllabus design, Paperwork, Schedule, Shirt size, Expectations, Emergency procedures, A little about AT, Group Introductions (uno a uno)

1 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Appropriate Technologies (ppts y paginas), Appropedia

Assignments due
  1. Read Mundane Science article and Appropedia pages:
  2. Write three sentences, a haiku, or draw a diagram about one of these projects.
  3. On the same piece of paper, write a paragraph or draw a diagram combining all of these projects.

1 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: Microhydro and Appropriate Technology

Assignments due
  1. read the notes at Jottings on appropriate technology on differing definitions of Appropriate Technology and write a draft of your personal definition.
  2. Make/update your Appropedia user page
  3. Add one relevant construction, renewable energy, appropriate technology, or engineering word to Practivistas Dominicana/vocabulary

1 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: Mas AT examples, Microhdyro intro, Las Malvinas Fieldtrip

Assignments due
  1. Find and record a photo and location for each of two local example ATs from Santo Domingo in groups of two
    • For each of the two topics, answer the following, preferably in Spanish:
      • Brief description such as type and application.
      • Location (address or coordinates)
      • Justification as Appropriate Technology based on a definition of AT.
      • Issues with its appropriateness based on a definition of AT.
      • Notes, such as phone number, if applicable.
  2. Post your AT examples to Practivistas Dominicana/AT Gallery. Wait until after you do your userpage for instructions on how.

1 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Projects, Microhydro, Objective, Criteria, Literature Review

Assignments due
  1. Read:
  2. Draw a diagram of a basic microhydro system with labels in spanish or english.

1 - sabado[edit]

Topics covered: Ghetto2Garden fieldtrip meet at UNIBE at 9am

1 - domingo[edit]

Topics covered: Mothers Day

Week 2 - June 1, 2015[edit]

2 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: Microhydro, AT, Criteria

Assignments due
  1. Copy and paste the template into your page:
  2. Populate section for Opportunity definition aka Problem statement
  3. Create section for Literature Review
    • RESEARCH! Minimum of 8 hours. Due before class.

2 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Criteria, Microhydro, Work in communities after class. LM before 4pm, AN probably at 5pm, Solar check.

Assignments due
  1. Populate subsection for Criteria

2 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: Las Malvinas work trip, all afternoon to evening

Assignments due
  1. Recalculate Pnet for the MH system from class today, but using 3" pipe
    • Qmax=200GPM
    • Hstatic=43 ft
    • run=280ft
    • %take=0.5
    • e=0.83
  2. Calculate Pmax (very easy) and compare to Pnet2.5 (from class) and Pnet3 (from #1)
  3. Add one word related to Practivistas to Practivistas Dominicana/vocabulary
  4. Read, and HSU Chiapas micro hydro feasibility study.
  5. Optional - do this problem set on unit conversion

2 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: Microhydro fieldtrip meet at UNIBE at 9am

2 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Syllabus, Project planning, quiz review

Assignments due
  • Calculations from Lab

2 - sabado[edit]

Topics covered: Field trip meet at UNIBE at 7am.

2 - domingo[edit]

  • Arrive in afternoon get more work done!

Week 3 - June 8, 2015[edit]

3 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: Projects, Electricity, check in, Quiz

3 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Teams, Chindogu

Assignments due

3 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: more electricity, Timeline, Budget

Assignments due
  1. Read Electricity basics

3 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: Projects and alternative solutions

Assignments due
  1. Add Abstract and background section at top of document. See Practivistas Dominicana/Page template and criteria for more guidance on tentative grading criteria.
  2. add starting Budget to Appropedia page. See Help:Table_examples#Cost_Table.
  3. add timeline to Appropedia page
<center>''Short abstract describing the project from background to conclusion''</center>

Describe the background of the project. Make sure to cover who, what, why, when and where…

3 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Power, energy, finishing electricty

Assignments due
  1. Circuits handout

3 - sabado[edit]

Project fieldwork day

3 - domingo[edit]

Project fieldwork day

Week 4 - June 15, 2015[edit]

4 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: Solar

Assignments due
  1. Find an error in HowStuffWorks Hydropower (no more than 30 minutes. Bring in on a scrap of paper.)
  2. electrical energy audit for your house (US, RD, wherever). Email to TAs.

4 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Frustration and community projects, finding next steps, engaging

Assignments due
  1. Solar panel sizing. Design a panel that is 18 V and approximately 20 W using 2.5" x 1" cells.
  2. And the one from class.

4 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: Field work, finishing solar, starting sustainable construction, Solar sizing

4 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: Building to last, Failures

4 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Building, electricity and energy quiz review, next steps

Assignments due
  1. For the following questions assume PV panels with 15% efficiency, BOS efficiency of 90%, and that we are building in Arcata:
    1. A 2kW PV system takes up how much area?
    2. Calculate the total cost of that 2kW system.
    3. Calculate the total yearly energy delivered to the house from that 2kW PV system.
    4. You see a different house with about 300 square feet of solar panels. How much energy are they producing on a daily basis? Does this seem reasonable (why or why not).
  2. If you have a 100W radio that needs to be running 12 hours per day in Arcata, calculate the size of solar array you will need so that you will have net zero energy for (a) the month of February, (b) the month of July, (c) the year.
  3. More

4 - sabado[edit]

Topics covered: Beach day

4 - domingo[edit]

Project work

Assignments due:

  • Project update on Appropedia

Week 5 - June 22, 2015[edit]

5 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: Permaculture, Coco, Fair Trade, etc.

Assignments due

5 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Short lecture, finding your internal fuel for the final push All day work day.

5 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: Finishing solar, review for quiz, starting natural building and heat

Assignments due
  • This assignment is (the rare) one per team, with all of your names on it. A table relating your project to the 12 Principles of Permaculture. It should have a column for the guidelines, a column for what you are already doing to meet that principle, and a column of what you could do better or in the future to meet that principle. The only way to receive a 10 would be to rock the assignment and include image(s), emailed to the TAs and Lonny, from your project that describe how your project meets various principles.

5 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: Short lecture, building to last

5 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Quiz on energy, More natural building, Planning for last weekend of work

Week 6 - June 29, 2015[edit]

6 - lunes[edit]

Topics covered: Presentations, Finishing up, Heat

Assignments due
  1. Appropedia page - more updates, design, maintenance, etc.

6 - martes[edit]

Topics covered: Rainwater and Appropriate Technology

Assignments due

6 - miércoles[edit]

Topics covered: heat, Presentation and Appropriate Technology - Prepare for Friday's presentation

Assignments due
  1. Heat needed to maintain the temperature daily in BTU/day.
  • Using the following assumptions:
    • Wall: 14 ft2*oF*hr/BTU    
    • Window: 0.9 ft2*oF*hr/BTU 
    • Door: 2.3 ft2*oF*hr/BTU 
    • Roof: 35 ft2*oF*hr/BTU 
    • Avg Tout: 36 oF
    • Avg Tin: 70 oF
    • Room: 14' x 20' x 12' (tall)
    • 3 Windows: 3' x 2'
    • 1 Door: 8' x 3'
  1. Practice presentations
  2. Final draft of Appropedia page, before final feedback. You will have final feedback by the end of Friday. See Friday for more information.

6 - jueves[edit]

Topics covered: quiz on heat, building, and permaculture, Presentations in Las Malvinas

Assignments due
  1. How much water can a 2000 ft^2 house catch, with a metal roof, in Santo Domingo in an average June?
  2. Printout of presentation (6 slides per page)
  3. Digital version of powerpoint

6 - viernes[edit]

Topics covered: Delta Plus, Decompression, Etc.

  • Family Lunch/Ceremony at UNIBE 11:30am
  • Class at 2pm
  • Presentations at UNIBE at 5pm
Assignments due (Please try to finish by Sunday night, but all are due by next Friday at midnight PST)
  1. Final quiz (this will come by email on Saturday, please only open once ready to take the quiz)
    1. Email the quiz back using reply all (this will automatically include the TAs and me, but not the other students)
  2. Final writeup (This is your completed Appropedia page.)
  3. Final peer evaluation
    • Please grade yourself and your teammates on your project.
    • Make one short paragraph for each person (including yourself). State the letter grade deserved and be thorough on your justification. Your final project grades are affected by this peer evaluation.
    • Please also include any program/project feedback that you are comfortable with me sharing openly.
    • Email it to me, with the subject "Practivistas: YOUR NAME-Peer Evaluation" (replacing the ALLCAPS with your actual name).
  4. Final video
    • As discussed, a short (1 to 5 minutes) video that is some combination of inspirational and instructional (how to make and or maintain). You can pick the combination that suits your project best, or make separate shorter videos for each.
    • On windows try the built-in Movie Maker, or the free and simple FreeMake, or the free and complex/full featured Handbrake.
  5. Thank you notes
    • You do not need to turn these in to me. If you have emails of people you would like to thank, please do so before Saturday.
  6. If you haven't already, make sure you submit your co-teach.