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Click the signature button in your edit toolbar to insert your signature at the end of your post.

Please sign your posts on talk pages (i.e. not articles) and other comments/discussions. This allows for greater conversation, transparency and accountability. To add your signature to a post:

  1. At the end of your comments, type four tildes (~), like this: ~~~~
  2. Save changes, and your signature will appear.
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[[User:Username|Username]] 20:11, October 1 2020 (UTC) Username 20:11, October 1 2020 (UTC)


When someone doesn't sign

If someone leaves an unsigned comment, because they forgot or don't know how, you can add this template at the end, with their username (or IP address) and the time/date of the comment. E.g. this text:

{{unsigned|User1|17 November 2009}}

Appears like this:

comment by User1, 17 November 2009.

Don't be offended

Don't be offended if someone does this to a comment you've left - just take it as a friendly reminder or (if you're new) an explanation of how to sign pages in a wiki.

See also

  • {{Unsigned}} - a template for marking unsigned posts on talk pages
  • {{Unsigned2}} - similar to the above template, but takes its arguments in the same order that they appear on a talk page historyW

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