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The <ref> tag can be used to create footnotes.


There is a footnote at the end of this sentence.<ref>This footnote is used as an example.</ref>



Creates the following:

There is a footnote at the end of this sentence.[1]

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. This footnote is used as an example.

Easy method[edit source]

Optional: If you have trouble remembering the exact tag for the footnotes section at the bottom, you may find it easier to add the it using:


- this substitutes the above code (header and <references/> tag) from the {{notes}} template, which is designed for this purpose.

Flagging pages needing references[edit source]

Add {{references}} to the page or section as appropriate, when a page does not meet the standards of the Appropedia:Rigor policy.

Remember that inaccurate claims can be removed immediately, at any time.