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This page acts as an overview of the process of porting, merging or forking resource articles, from the Sustainable community action wiki (versions 1/Wikia or 2/Wiser) into Appropedia.

Source article on Wiser (2), or Wikia Proposed or created Appropedia articles existing Appropedia category pages Comments
Resources CASwiki resources portal
Apps for sustainability Apps for sustainability software
Calendar of International Days (2) International sustainable community events Events Calendar of international events 2014 redesigned
Random facts Citizens data initiative
Community resources Community resources
Funding Funding Funding for community action for sustainability as section of CASwiki resources, include see also category
Legal resources Legal resources
Maps Maps for community action Maps
Inspiring quotes Inspiring quotes, Inspiring quotes 2, Inspiring quotes 3, Inspiring quotes 4, Inspiring quotes Anon, Buckminster Fuller, Gandhi, Carl Sagan, Wendell Berry category:Inspiring quotes, Buckminster Fuller article already exists
Building networks and category, eg Networks and networking Networks
Research Research Research as section of CASwiki resources
Village cinema Video for community action
Resource articles for locations
Resources UK Resources UK
Inspiring quotes Inspiring quotes UK category:Inspiring quotes UK
Calendar of UK days (2) UK sustainable community events Events Calendar of UK events 2014 redesigned
Community resources UK Community resources UK
US sustainable community events Events new article

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