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  1. Welcome to Appropedia
  2. Energy Conservation with Open Source Ad Blockers
  3. Global Surgical Training Challenge
  4. Save the planet board game
  5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  6. Open-source metal 3-D printer
  7. Hexayurt project/Hexayurt playa
  8. How to make awesome thermal curtains
  9. About
  10. Open-source Lab
  11. Optimized Blade Design for Homemade Windmills
  12. Recyclebot
  13. Solar water purification system with solar heating
  14. Open-source syringe pump
  15. HSU straw analysis
  16. Wind energy conversion system
  17. Solar energy
  18. Basic rainwater collection calculations
  19. Green beans
  20. Secondary wastewater treatment
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