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Content 18 pages, 0 subcats, 0 files
Tracking This is a tracking category, it won't show on its member pages. It should ideally be empty and won't show on Special:UnusedCategories when it is. Yes
Impact Combined page views of all the pages in this category. 17,297
Top page Top page in this category by number of page views. Rainwater urban design and infrastructure (6,764)

These pages need attention from the Appropedia community of editors, as they have been flagged with a template such as:

Please note[edit | edit source]

  • Topic pages shown as subcategories below are not actually meant to be subcategories of "Pages needing attention." They are just category pages that have one of the above-mentioned templates.
  • You do not have to be an admin to help with these pages.

Admins[edit | edit source]

Admins should also see Category:Pages needing attention from an admin

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