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APSC-100 is a Queen's University[1] course developed to encourage a sense of curiosity about engineering work, and to develop professional skills used by engineers. The Design Module (Module 1) is designed around open-ended design problems that complement the science and mathematics content of other courses. It also introduces multidisciplinary problems. Module 1 focuses on five fundamental engineering skills:

  • design and creativity
  • project management
  • information management
  • teamwork
  • communications

This course is primarily student-directed. As such, each student team has the opportunity to learn independently and apply creativity to solve the design problem. Because the project is student-directed, the skills and knowledge you learn will be directly related to the effort you put into it. Occasionally students have complained that they did not learn anything from the project; you can ensure that this doesn't happen to you by using the resources provided to develop the five fundamental skills.

If you are on this page your group will be using appropedia as a design collaboration tool.

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