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Name William
Affiliations Cal Poly Humboldt
Registered 2024
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Hi all! I'm William. I'm living in Arcata, CA currently and studying engineering and Cal Poly Humboldt. I created this page for ENGR 205, a class taught by Lonny Grafman. I try to get my course work done on the weekdays so I can spend my weekends making music, hiking the forest barefoot (best way to do it!), swimming in the ocean and staying close to friends. This is my sanity, putting stuff off stresses me out (well the idea of it does... lol). I am excited to design solutions to problems in ENGR 205, preferably related to sustainability and resource management. Renewable energy, bio-engineered approaches to societal problems and compost are all great!

Professionally, I have basic skills in soldering, wood-working, math, and report writing.

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