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Pages in this category have been tagged as speculative projects. Please feel free to discuss and develop this projects.

Speculative ideas can be exciting, but untested, and it is to be expected that they are often flawed. This is an essential part of the creative process, but it is also essential to distinguish such ideas from proven ideas and designs.

There is currently (October 2010) discussion to create a space on Appropedia for speculative ideas, to invite others to work on making them happen. Then as they are tested and adapted, they can be brought into a general space.

Possibilities include:

  1. namespace called Speculative:
  2. subpage system such as Appropedia.org/Speculative/
  3. separate software under a subdomain, e.g. blog or forum software, for discussing these speculative ideas.

The benefit of a separate namespace is that people could choose to search just that space for ideas that need to be explored, or choose not to search in that namespace if they are looking for ideas that have already been tested.

We invite help in building this speculative namespace.

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