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Standing Rock Technologies

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Below is a living collection of technologies that can be used at Standing Rock and other temporary, autonomous camps in extreme conditions. This is just a start, please add to it by clicking edit or discuss the page on the talk page.

Staying warm

Structures and housing


  • Teepees
  • Tarpees
  • 4 season tents
  • Hexayurt - more comfortable than a tent, but still flat-pack and goes up with a few hours work. [1]


Light-weight tall signage for events by DemoTech - Demo Camp Units


Greenhouses, especially combined with thermal mass can be used to keep areas and materials warm as well as for four season growing.

Material techniques

Bamboo lashing
A figure eight knot

Tear gas and pepper spray recovery

Regarding the myth of putting lemon juice in your eyes after being tear gassed:

  • Lemon juice works for teargas, not pepper spray.
    1. Do not put lemon juice straight in your eyes.
    2. Lemon juice is terrible for pepper spray. It does work for tear gas... e.g. you can use it on your mask filter.
    3. There are better solutions (e.g. liquid antacid and water), but keep in mind there are quite a few formulations of, and reactions to, pepper spray." [2]
  • See more at http://www.paperrevolution.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/StreetMedicGuide.pdf

Safety Gear

  • The Parabolic Wheel of Revolution! - Imagine ... one shape that is capable of providing the most basic functions necessary for sustaining the lives of people caught up in natural disasters, the forced migrations of an ethnic cleansing, war and revolution.

Growing food


Running meetings


Leadership and collaboration


Cooking and dehydrating

Power generation

Human power

Using a bike, you can generate around 150W of continuous power. E.g.:


510W full system for the Ghetto2Garden animal shelter


Cooling and refrigeration (in the summer)

Used cooking oil and fats combined heat and power systems (CHP)


Water supply during freezing conditions remains a difficult challenge. In addition hand washing is still a major shortcoming at Standing Rock. Thermal mass, greenhouses, insulation, and heaters are all methods to help address water delivery.

An effective greywater treatment system used at Occupy Wall Street to water Zuccotti Park's plants, October 2011[3]



Wastewater treatment

Human waste

Information technology


Secure communication

Aerial Photography


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