Wood gasification stove

Principle of operationEdit

Schematics of the working principle of gasification stoves

Wood gasification stoves use sophisticated combustion engineering realized in the form of cheap sheet metal forced air stoves. The combustion air is forced into the burning chamber in two layers. The first layer of combustion air partially burns the fuel to create a gas. The second layer of combustion air combusts the smoke to produce a clean hot flame.

WG Stoves are rated as 10 times more efficient than open fires, and three times more efficient than high efficiency clay stoves.

Commercial woodgas stovesEdit

There is a comprehensive overview of commercially available stoves compiled by Christa Roth: http://www.biochar-international.org/sites/default/files/HERA-GIZ%20micro-gasification%20manual%20V1.0%20January%202011.pdf

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