What is the Open Wireless Movement?

Imagine a future with ubiquitous open Internet.

Envision a world where, in any urban environment:

  • Dozens of open networks are available at your fingertips.
  • Tablets, watches, and other new devices can automatically join these networks to do nifty things.
  • The societal expectation is one of sharing, and, as a result, wireless Internet is more efficient.[1]
  • The false notion that an IP address could be used as a sole identifier is finally a thing of the past, creating a privacy-enhancing norm of shared networks.

OWM working with a coalition of volunteer engineers to build technologies that will let users open their wireless networks without compromising their security or sacrificing bandwidth.

How to[edit | edit source]

Many existing routers feature the ability to create guest networks. OWM have compiled a list of wireless routers with this functionality and have put together general tutorials to help you (a) change your administrative password and (b) create an open guest network. https://openwireless.org/routers

Discussion[View | Edit]

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