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Imagine .... one shape that is capable of providing the most basic functions necessary for sustaining the lives of people caught up in natural disasters, the forced migrations of an ethnic cleansing, war and revolution; a shape that is able to function as the essential components of a refugee cart, including wheels, cart bed and secure cover top; serve as a large rolling shield, a satellite telecommunications dish and internet up-link, a parabolic lens capable of igniting wood kindling in 1 second, a high temperature solar cooker, able to thermally pasteurize 2 gallons of drinking water at 160 f in 30 minutes and boil 2 gallons in under an hour, an emergency flood light reflector or signal beacon, a strong shelter roof with an IR reflective ceiling, a large cushioned papasan shaped lounge chair or bed frame, a rain water catchment, a cold plunge, and bath tub. In short, an all in one disaster refugee survival tool that can be stacked as nested bowls on parachuted pallets and airdropped to fleeing refugees from C-17 cargo jets within 24 hours as part of a Rapid Aid Deployment (R.A.D.). (Beyond C-17s, a more efficient delivery system will require the use of Cargo Lifters [1], lenticular airships with ultra quite all solar powered electric motors. The size of the Super Dome, they would be able to transport as much aid-cargo as a small freighter but at speeds approaching 250 mph and deliver aid directly to remote locations, without need of roads, ports or runways. These flying freighters would also be able to shade and shelter columns of migrating refugees from sun and rain as they journey on foot to distant refugee camps. The helium containing hull/envelope would also be designed to be photovoltaic by incorporating Bucky-tubes into its molecular structure and would thus be able generate over 50,000 watts of electrical power to run its quiet electric motors and to supply power for emergency lighting, communications and medical services.)

Images[edit | edit source]

The Wheel Of Revolution Boiling Water-2.jpg

                        • The Parabolic Wheel Of Revolution Boiling Water-3.jpg

The Parabolic Wheel Of Revolution - Popping Popcorn.jpg

                        • The Wheel Of Revolution - Axle Support.jpg

Parabolic Mirror Light Display.jpg

Solar Charged Battery Powered LED Light Display

Demonstration Of The Chair Function: OCF Renewable Energy Park 2019[edit | edit source]

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Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Andrews 2m solid aluminum dish model - PAR6-65-P7A (I need more of these.)
  • axle:7/8 inch steel bar stock(recommend upgrade to a non rusting metal that will not fatigue and crack like stainless steel)
  • alxe hub:7/8 i.d. bronze bushing centered and pressed into a receiving collar bolted to an aluminum plate which is bolted to the dish vertex.
  • 3/4 inch conduit struts supports bolted to a gimbaled steel bike rim laced with a steel wire from hangers configured to form a basket that positions a pot or pan slightly off focus, (3 inches below the actual focal point), to distribute concentrated sunlight evenly across the bottom cooking surfaces and prevent thermally induced structional damage. The energy density at the focal point is capable of buckling stainless steel sheet metal, cracking cast iron and melting aluminum.

Note To HSU Engineering-305 Students[edit | edit source]

HSU students who are enrolled in Appropriate Technology Engineering-305, wishing to work on this project for class credit might want to work on furthering one of the following design improvements:

  • Design and fabricate a collared fork assembly which positions the bike wheel pot support in a similar gimbaled fashsion but which permits the pot to be self righting using a counter weight as the dish is oriented toward the correct azimuth of the sun by rolling along a cirrcular path while pivoting about the point where the axle/support stand rests on the ground. The collar would slip fit onto the portion of the axle the protrudes through the hub to the concave side of the dish. This would free up the space where the conduit struts of the pot support now span the diameter of the dish at the rim plane.
  • Assembling an antenna mount and demonstrating the ability make an internet uplink
  • Procurring one or more Andrews PAR6-65-P7A satellite dishes with which to begin the assembly of the first prototype for the refugee cart based on this design concept. Look for the distinctive red lightning bolt decal on the concave surface.
  • Redesign the axle hub assembly to hold water when the dish is used as a rainwater catchment, cold plunge and hot tub

Special Thanks To[edit | edit source]

  • The Center For Appropriate Transport - Eugene, Oregon
  • Bonnie at Arcata Scrap and Salvage for the Andrews satellite dish
  • Curt at the Arcata Electric Motor Repair Shop - for fabrication of the axle assembly
  • Nathan at Cantinawest - for the mirror finished adheasive vinyl
  • Dave Gage - for these words of wisdom conveyed to me during a chance encounter on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in 1984 saying, "It's all about integration!"

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