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Community action for sustainability

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2018, Community action news

Climate news: My IPCC take-away: Imagine. Take Action. Repeat. Rob Hopkins, Nov 8 [1]


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Community involvement news: Platform consensus: How Stocksy achieves democratic governance, Nov 6 [2]

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Commons: Strengthening and protecting what matters most by @CassieRobinson, Nov 2 [3]

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Finland: Where second-hand comes first, Nov 8 [4]

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US news: How renters are becoming co-owners and co-developers, Nov 8 [5]


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of course permaculture
"if we all did our bit then we could all live in peace with nature alittle more.
nature is what has brought us here and supported us. to start your own forest garden for example is very simple. simplicity is a major part of permaculture. everything has multifunctions, cooperating with each activity. for example the garden gives you food, gives animals food, trees clean the air and may create windbreaks, the food you eat will be discarded and then turned into compost. I could go on and on. life supporting life. not major food chains, insecticides, or monoculture. what a healthy harmonious life it is too. coming from an ecovillage in argentina gives me inspiration to start my own one day. until then i will do my part, remembering that everything i do affects the generations ahead of me. community and family gardening, composting, or just being in nature are examples of awesome ideas for anyone if you are interested.. there is alot to learn from nature and permaculture, books are good but so is being surrounded by the wonderfulness of a green ecosystem. go outside!!

chau from brazil"
lydia [6]

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A People’s Food Policy, a series of (UK) articles

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