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It's best to be bold when editing a wiki - after all, there's a complete history recorded, and it can always be edited or even reverted later if necessary.

Be bold in starting an article. Don't wait till you've figured it all out, or how it should be laid out. Start with a sentence, add another sentence. Save it or keep writing. Make a decision about the best link to include in the "External links" section. If you see an error, correct it - you don't need to be perfect. Just dive in and work with us in making the articles better, even just a small step better.

One small limitation: categories[edit source]

When making major changes to categories, such as renaming a category, or creating a lot of subcategories, it's best to discuss it first, at Appropedia's Village pump. This is because category moves are more complicated than normal page moves, and the page history can't be moved easily.

However, it's fine to be bold in:

  • creating a new category (though it's best to check there isn't a similar one under a different name),
  • changing the categorization of a page or category.

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