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Initiatives by topic[edit]


Wikipedia: KuzeyDoğa Society

Community energy[edit]

Wikipedia: Solar power in Turkey, Wind power in Turkey

Community involvement[edit]

bi düşün olsun

Food activism[edit]

Solar cooking resources in Turkey

Open spaces[edit]

Wikipedia: Protected areas of Turkey (category)

Urban sustainability[edit]

See also: Urbanization and Sustainability Issues in Turkey

News and comment[edit]


How simple acts of sharing abound during Eid Al-Adha, Aug 28 [1]


How Istanbul Is Improving Public Health by Designing for Cycling, May 11 [2]

Turkey: Making the city liveable, January 21, by Carlos Delclós.

"The neoliberal city is the motor of Erdogan’s Turkey. Its booming economy is the result of a massive construction bubble fed by mega-projects operating on a city- and even country-wide scale, and the increasing surveillance and repression of dissent are constant reminders of the authoritarian impulse behind this urbanisation. It is a transformation that is having profoundly inegalitarian results, with middle-class flight into gated communities, deteriorating public facilities and increasing insecurity in the streets beyond the gates. In these circumstances, making the city liveable can be a form of dissent. Sokak Bizim (“Streets Belong to Us”) is an NGO focused on human-centred cities and streets in Istanbul, which they engage from the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists, children, elderly and disabled people. They are best known for their “Streets Belong to Us Once a Month” events, in which they transform lifeless spaces subsumed by the functionality of neoliberal urbanisation into festive ones, to promote community-building activities and create common spaces for citizens. Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons intends to amplify Sokak Bizim’s message through the work of its networked medialabs and interaction with the other local hubs." [3]


School’s In: Turkish Teachers Learn How To Teach Ecoliteracy, September 24 [4]


Wikipedia: 2009 Mediterranean wildfires

Billion Tree Campaign:

According to the Turkish Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Mr. S. Levent Sahinkaya, "A total of 305,362,000 trees were planted by the Turkish Government and the Turkish civil society in the year 2008. We believe that investing in our environment is investing in our future, and we consider the planting of over 300 million trees as a marvelous gift to our children and to the generations to come. The Turkish government will continue investing in the environment and is committed to the creation of an environment-friendly economy."
Turkey has had an impressive tree planting record since the launch of the campaign, planting over 400 million trees in 2007. With slightly over 700 million trees planted to date, Turkey now attains second position in the list of top ten countries in the campaign's roll of honour. [5] March 30



Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Turkey, Environmental issues in Turkey


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