Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Anatolia is a branch of RES Mediterranean, situated in Turkey.[1] The RES Group is devoted to the construction of sustainable energy through the construction of wind farms and solar energy power plants. The RES Group collaborates with local landowners, as well as industrial development teams on solar and wind energy projects. The RES Group opened its subsidiary, RES Anatolia, in late 2008, in order to show its commitment to the Turkish market.[2] The Istanbul-based company currently employs 5 people. RES Anatolia has secured a location in Turkey that is estimated to yield close to 500 million watts in wind energy. The development of wind turbines in the area is projected to happen over the next 3-4 years, with an approximate investment of 750 million dollars.[2]The RES Mediterranean is optimistic about future operations in Turkey.

Jean-Marc Armitano, CEO of RES Mediterranean said:

"We have been actively reviewing our expansion in the Mediterranean markets and have identified the Turkish market as one of the major growth areas for our business. Meeting the electricity growth in Turkey combined with the need to reduce carbon emissions, will create a favourable environment to make use of its enormous wind and solar energy resources. This acquisition is a first major milestone in what we hope will be a long and successful enterprise in Turkey".[2]Project locations for wind farms are selected based on the amount of projected wind activity through the area. Farms are constructed in a grid pattern, with minimal intrusion on neighboring wildlife and homesteads. <Landowners may lease a portion of their land for the expected lifespan of the wind farm (generally 20-25 years), which RES says will take up less than 1% of the property.[1]The RES Group oversees all projects from the licensing stage, to full operation of the wind farm.

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