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2017[edit | edit source]

11 Million People In The UK Are Not "Just About Managing" At All, New Research Shows, Nov 16[1]


♥ UK's first report on Universal Basic Services published, Oct 11[2]

Utopian thinking: Free housing should be a universal right, Poppy Noor, Apr 10[3]

I was vulnerable and wanted a home. What I got was a workhouse, Daniel Lavelle, Mar 28[4]

2016[edit | edit source]

My faith in humanity has been renewed, George Monbiot, Dec 12[5]

Study finds 7m Britons in poverty despite being from working families, Dec 7[6]

Fat Macy's: How one man escaped the Catch-22 of the benefits system, Dec 1[7]

Benefits sanctions don't work and plunge claimants into 'hunger and depression', National Audit Office finds, Nov 30[8]

UK should follow Finland, the only European country where homelessness has decreased, Sep 15[9]

Impact of poverty costs the UK £78bn a year, Aug 1[10]

Number of UK children living in poverty jumps by 200,000 in a year, Jun 28[11]

Why we need to build social capital in cities, Julia Unwin at the Human Cities Institute, Apr 13[12]

2015[edit | edit source]

The cause of the Runnymede eco-villagers is a righteous one, September 22[13]

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