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An invitation from the Transition Network. "...a time of creativity, dreaming, and sharing. A space to explore our longings for what we want the future to be. Connecting us to each other and to a future worth fighting for." [1]

When[edit | edit source]

17 - 24, 2019, Thu-Thu

How to get involved[edit | edit source]

"Gather your community group, faith group, street, school, or organisation and spend time together generating ‘memories of the future’." [2]

Pop Up Tomorrow document from Transition Network: [1]

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Reporting[edit | edit source]

‘Pop Up Tomorrow’ and a journey to 2030. A report. Nov 8, 2019 [3]

News and comment[edit | edit source]


Jan 17 ‘Pop Up Tomorrow’ (London): voices of those who were there [4]


Nov 8 ‘Pop Up Tomorrow’ and a journey to 2030. A report. [5]

Sep 24 Why ‘Pop Up Tomorrow’? Rob Hopkins [6]

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