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We now can play videos! Videos can be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo or uploaded on Appropedia.

How to embed[edit]

Follow these steps to embed external videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Find the id[edit]

YouTube: The id is the part of the YouTube url that comes after the "v=". The id has been made bold in the following examples:


Note it can include a dash, "-" or underscore "_", but can't include an ampersand, "&".

Vimeo is simpler - it's just the number after the


Use the id to embed the video[edit]

Embedding is currently handled by Widget:YouTube and Widget:Vimeo.


Here is a YouTube video embed for the first example above, using the id highlighted above. The code is:


which creates:

Options for YouTube: some of the available url parameters for Youtube work with this widget, added at the end of the id. For example, {{#widget:YouTube|id=EQTuKcYIxiI&start=77?modestbranding=1?rel=0}} which uses:

  • ?rel=0 - to disable "related videos" at the end of the video (to avoid distractions for the reader).
  • ?start=N - (replacing N with time in seconds) to start partway through the video. (E.g. to start 3 minutes into the video, use ?start=180).
  • modestbranding=1 - to remove the "YouTube" in the bottom bar, which links to the same video on This makes it harder for someone to go to the YouTube page for the video - instead, the user must click at the top of the video, after it has finished.

This displays as follows:


Or for Vimeo:


which creates:

How to upload and display[edit]

Upload as for any file - when logged in, click the Upload a file link in the left navbar on any page.

To display, use the dhflashplayer tag, entering the name and optionally entering the desired size, e.g.,


displays as:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

To link to the full size version, use the "Media" prefix and the filename inside double square brackets, e.g., "[[Media:DoubleDig.swf]]" displays as Media:DoubleDig.swf.

Adding categories[edit]

The "[[Category:Videos]]{{#widget:YouTube|id=VIDEOID}}" and "[[Category:Videos]]{{#widget:Vimeo|id=VIDEOID}}" codes automatically will add the video to Category:Videos. In addition, include at least one of the categories below that best represents the video's content.


Embedded content is under whatever license or permissions apply to the source content.

We don't have a clear policy yet, but a proposal is: Embedded content is not considered part of Appropedia's own content, (it is hosted elsewhere but displayed here) so is not covered by our license.

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