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We now can play videos! Videos can be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo or uploaded on Appropedia.

How to embed[edit]

Follow these steps to embed external videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Find the id[edit]

YouTube: The id is the part of the YouTube url that comes after the "v=". The id has been made bold in the following examples:


Note: the id can include a dash, "-" or underscore "_", but can't include an ampersand, "&".

Vimeo is simpler - it's just the number after the


Use the id to embed the video[edit]

Embedding is currently handled by Widget:YouTube and Widget:Vimeo.


Here is a YouTube video embed for the first example above, using the id highlighted above. The code is:


which creates:


Or for Vimeo:


which creates:

How to upload and display[edit]

Upload as for any file - when logged in, click the Upload a file link in the left sidebar on any page.

To display, use the dhflashplayer tag, entering the name and optionally entering the desired size:


displays as:


To link to the full size version, use the "Media" prefix and the filename inside double square brackets, e.g., "[[Media:DoubleDig.swf]]" displays as Media:DoubleDig.swf.

Adding categories[edit]

The {{Video}} codes automatically add the page to Category:Pages with videos. In addition, include at least one of the categories below that best represents the video's content.


Embedded content is under whatever license or permissions apply to the source content.

We don't have a clear policy yet, but a proposal is: Embedded content is not considered part of Appropedia's own content, (it is hosted elsewhere but displayed here) so is not covered by our license.

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