You have the ability to choose a language for the display of many system messages. System messages are text that is displayed around the outside of the page; it is separate from article text.

  • To set the system language to LanguageX temporarily on any page, add '&uselang=LX' to the URL. Click here [1] to see how the URL would change for this page, and notice how the system messages change.
  • To set the system language to LanguageX for all pages, you must be logged in as a registered user at Appropedia. Then click the "my preferences" link at the top of the page, and select LanguageX using the dropbox next to 'Languages'

Note: This page is intended as the root version for translation into other supported languages. When translating, replace "LanguageX" with the appropriate word for the target language. Replace "LX" according to the list below. Add the appropriate language category for the page also.

LanguageX   LX  Category
German:     de  [[Category:Deutsch]]
Spanish:    es  [[Category:Español]]
French:     fr  [[Category:Français]]
Indonesian: id  [[Category:Bahasa Indonesia]]
Italian:    it  [[Category:Italiano]]