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This page lists user groups to manage permissions for the Global Surgical Training Challenge. Please add users to the corresponding sections if you wish to grant access to any of the private sandboxes.

OpenSurgiSim[edit | edit source]

Use Category:OpenSurgiSim

Member Name Role
Dr. Vikas Karade Team Lead, Technical Lead
Dr. Mangal Parihar Clinical Lead, Education Expert
Amit Maurya Technical Expert
Dr. Manish Agarwal Clinical Expert

Medical Makers[edit | edit source]

Use Category:Medical Makers (Pediatric Colostomy Challenge and Tibial Fracture Fixation).

ASAP[edit | edit source]

Use Category:ASAP

  • User: SAM

CrashSavers Trauma[edit | edit source]

Use Category:CrashSavers

ALL SAFE[edit | edit source]

Use Category:ALL SAFE

IntelliVison[edit | edit source]

Use Category:IntelliVision

AmoSmile (by Operation Smile & AmoDisc)[edit | edit source]

Use Category:AmoSmile

Member Name Role
Zachary J. Collier Team Leader, Clinical
Priyanka Naidu Clinical
Maria Fernanda Tapia Clinical
John Dutton Clinical
Ankur Pandya Clinical
Anthony Dwyer Educator
Madison Lowerre Educator
Ad Gandhe Technical & Digital Artwork
Oliver Wylie Technical
Matt Wallis Technical
David Wybourne Technical

*Primary Team Members (additional consultants can be found on team page)

ETALO[edit | edit source]

Use Category:ETALO

SELF-Training[edit | edit source]

Use Category:SELF-Training