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David Jeffcoach.jpg
Dr. David Jeffcoach ALL-SAFE team lead

Chief coordinator of Soddo, Ethiopia site Dr. David Jeffcoach, our team lead, is the program director of the general surgery residency at Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia.  He is an assistant clinical professor of surgery in trauma, critical care, and acute care surgery at the University of California San Francisco, Fresno as well as fellow of COSECSA.  Dr. Beryl Akinyi Ooro is the assistant program director of the general surgery residency at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya as well as PAACS graduate.  Dr. Mark Snell is the assistant program director of the general surgery residency program at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon and assistant professor of surgery at the Loma Linda School of Medicine.  As PAACS surgeons, they are all busy clinical surgeons and educators who perform broad-based general surgery "on the skin and its contents" including basic laparoscopy at their respective sites. 

Grace Kim.png
Dr. Grace Kim Chief coordinator of the Michigan site

ALL-SAFE co-lead Dr. Grace Kim is an associate professor of surgery and the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan.  Fellowship-trained in minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Kim has a busy laparoscopic surgery practice and teaches and mentors surgical residents and medical students.  She has led numerous surgical missions to sub-Saharan Africa.  Dr. Kim serves as the Chair of the General Surgery Council and is the Vice Chair of the Curriculum Committee at PAACS. 

Thelander Photo.jpg
Keir Thelander Executive Vice President, PAACS

As the Executive Vice President of PAACS, Dr. Keir Thelander oversees the administration of the eleven PAACS teaching sites in Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa.  Prior to his directorship at PAACS, Dr. Thelander served as the program director of the surgical residency at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon.  During his time in Gabon, he was able to develop connections with other governing surgical institutions in sub-Saharan Africa including COSECSA and the West African College of Surgeons (WACS). 

Deb Rooney.jpg
Dr. Deb Rooney Simulation director and evaluation coordinator

Dr. Deborah Rooney is an associate professor of Learning Health Sciences and the Director of Education and Research for the Clinical Simulation Center at the University of Michigan.  Dr. Rooney has served as the Chair for the American College of Surgery Technology and Simulation Committee and developed a successful simulation program for use in a hospital in Ethiopia. 

Melanie Barnard.jpg
Dr. Melanie Barnard Chief coordinator of Southern Illinois site

Simulation Coordinator Dr. Melanie Barnard is an assistant professor of surgery at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  Dr. Barnard grew up in Kampala, Uganda before moving to the United States to complete her undergraduate and medical education.  Dr. Barnard is strongly committed to surgical education with expertise in surgical simulation, where she was able to design a multi-disciplinary intra-abdominal hemorrhagic shock simulation used at her institution. 

David Marzano.jpg
Dr. David Marzano OB-GYN Consultant

Dr. David Marzano is an associate professor at the University of Michigan.  In addition to his busy practice in OB-GYN, Dr. Marzano has academic interests in laparoscopy and simulation.  He is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Working Group on Simulations.  Dr. Marzano developed a successful laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy module used in the medical school. 

Not pictured Dr. Akinyi Ooro Chief coordinator of Kijabe, Kenya site
Mark Snell.jpg
Dr. Mark Snell Chief coordinator of Mbingo Hospital, Cameroon site
Headshot-Chioma Anidi.png
Chioma Anidi Project coordinator
Serena Bidwell Headshot.jpg
Serena Bidwell Project coordinator
C. Yoonhee Ryder Former Project Coordinator, Current Consultant and Researcher
Nicole Mott.jpg
Nicole Mott Former Project Coordinator
Blessing headshot.jpg
Blessing Ngoin Ngam Mbingo Resident Coordinator
Gady B.png
Gady Barutwanayo AIC Kijabe Hospital Resident Coordinator
Dr. Leul Shigut headshot.jpg
Leul Shigut Soddo Coordinator, Content Creator, PGY-4
Dr. Yohannes headshot.jpg
Yohannes Debebe Soddo Coordinator, Content Creator, PGY-2
Hsu Michigan.jpg
Philip Hsu Michigan Resident, Content Creator
Joy headshot neww.png
Joy Obayemi Michigan Resident, Content Editor, Simulation
Mussie Freneh.jpg
Mussie Freneh Soddo Resident Coordinator
John TANYI Headshots.jpg
John Tanyi Mbingo Resident, Simulation
John Donkersloot.jpg
John Donkersloot PAACS Representative
Abstract Digital Product and Technology Partner
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