Building the Box Trainer[edit | edit source]

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Learners will first construct their laparoscopic "box trainer." They will follow step-by-step instructions on how to build the laparoscopic box trainer out of cardboard and other local materials. This box trainer can be reused for any ALL-SAFE module.

Downloadable Build Instructions and Templates[edit | edit source]

Instructional Videos[edit | edit source]


Instructional video demonstrating the box trainer building process

How this looks like on the platform[edit | edit source]


Going through the simulation construction components of our platform

Angled Scope Views[edit | edit source]

Zero Degree Scope View[edit | edit source]

  • For a zero degree (0◦) view, place the smartphone on Part E so that the screen faces you and the camera points into the rectangular cutout.
  • The phone will rest against the top lip of Part B
  • Adjust the smartphone position and/or the training object in the box until the proper view is acquired
  • A zero degree view is used for assessment of the learners' performance
0 Degree Scope View

Thirty Degree Scope View[edit | edit source]

  • Having the capability to simulate an angled scope is a novel component of the laparoscopic box trainer. Learners can practice using this view in any module.
  • For a 30-degree (30◦) view, stretch the free rubber band hanging from the top of Part E around the smartphone in the vertical direction
  • Lower the smartphone into the rectangular cutout in Part E
  • Use the rubber bands attached to Part B to secure the smartphone
  • Adjust the smartphone position and/or the training object in the box until the proper view is acquired
30 Degree Scope View, Optional
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