Dr. Ankur Pandya, MBBS, MS, MCh, FRCS
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Name Ankur Pandya
Nationality United Kingdom
Languages English
Skills Adult & Pediatric Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Burn & Hand Surgery, Medical Education, Global Surgery, Healthcare Capacity Building, Workforce Strengthening, Health Infrastructure Evaluation & Development, Research & Innovation
Interests Hand Surgery, Burns, Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery, Global Surgery, Global Health, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Quality Improvement, Metrics & Evaluation
Groups AmoSmile
Links ankurpandya.co.uk
Registered 2024
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Previously the secretary of BAPRAS (2014-2016), and currently on the National Councils of BAPRAS and the SAC, Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya is a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgeon based in Hampshire and Sussex. He has been currently an NHS Consultant for over 21 years as also an officer in the Royal Air Force. This has included being the Director and Lead Clinician of The Mountbatten department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth for a nine-year period.

His NHS practice consists of Hand surgery, Paediatric plastic surgery, reconstruction of the head and neck, perineal reconstruction, skin cancers and general plastic surgery. He is the Consultant Advisor in Plastic Surgery to the Head RAF Medical Services. His humanitarian practice consists of cleft surgery, post burn reconstruction and congenital hand surgery.

He has a wide spectrum of Academic interests and is a Visiting Prof of Plastic Surgery in Romania, A Senior Clinical Lecturer, both, at the Southampton University School of Medicine as well as Portsmouth University. He is the Associate Dean (S) for the Defence Deanery. He is the National and European examiner for The Plastic Surgery fellowship exam as well as the Hand Diploma Exams. He is on the faculty of and an examiner for the Conflict and Catastrophe Course.

His voluntary activities include working with Operation Smile where he was a Regional Medical Officer (Europe/Africa/Middle East) from 2008-2010 and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer (2010-2015). He set up the Directorate of Quality Assurance for the organisation, which he led for five years. He has been on over 43 international humanitarian missions and four wartime deployments.

He has been awarded the Order of St John Medal for his humanitarian work.

Education History[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • MB,BS                                 Bombay University            October 1985
  • MS(Gen Surgery)                   Bombay University            January 1989  
  • MCh(Plastic Surgery)              Bombay University            November 1991

Diplomas and Fellowships[edit | edit source]

  • Diplomate of the National Board- Gen. Surgery                October 1989                                                      
    • (National Board of Examinations, India)                       
  • Diplomate of the National Board- Plastic Surgery             November 1991                    
    • (National Board of Examinations, India)                       
  • F.R.C.S. Edinburgh                                                    November 1993
  • F.R.C.S. Glasgow                                                       November 1993
  • F.R.C.S. (Plastic)                                                         September 1998
    • (Intercollegiate Board Exams)
  • European Diploma in Hand Surgery                              June 2005
    • (Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand)
  • Diploma in Disaster Medicine.                                    February 2017
    • (DMCC)

Research Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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