professional butt licker
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Name cock sucker motherfucker
Nationality as white as a polar bears dick
Languages retardish
Skills i lick toes
Interests fucking pot bellied pigs up the ass
Groups the kkk
Registered 2021
Impact 224
Contributions Global Surgical Training Challenge/Teams

cock sucker motherfucker, also known as toelicker109, is a retard who smashes his head into a wall everytime he gets mad, and thats why his goofy ass looks like he has down syndrome in his profile picture. As one of the retards that defeated kenyion douglas in retardmania 2 million by giving him the cock slam, he have been involved with many adventures of him raping gorillas and sucking off special needs kids penises. he loves to jack off to my little pony because hes a beastiality son of a fucking bitch that needs to go burn in the devils asshole and get molested by john wayne gacy.

cockucation History[edit | edit source]

Summary                                                                                             [edit | edit source]

2020 - getting a degree for sucking the most camel dicks

2020 - fucking kenyion douglas up his cottage cheese fat ass

2017 - produced dick cheese for little elementary kids

2012 - 2017: jacked off to goth girl feet and transvestites

2008 - 2012: graduated in the university of ur moms asshole

University[edit | edit source]

He received a cock up his ass for his birthday

Medical School[edit | edit source]

he treated his patients by diagnosing him with the gay and fucked they're asses with a 700 inch big black cock

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